Alex Hollender — Product Design

Role: Designer & DeveloperSelf-directed / side project

Around 2018 I inched my way from designing and front-end web development, to building simple web apps. I took a JavaScript class, then a React.js class, and recently have learned Next.js. I also do a lot of cooking, so as I was thinking of things to build cooking-related tools came to mind.

The first thing is just a straight forward timer tool. You can set as many as you want, and optionally name them.

The second one is a little more involved. When cooking I often need to look up substitutions for ingredients. I created a database of common ingredient subsitutions, and then a basic search experience. I want to add the ability for other people to recommend additional substitutes, and upvote/downvote. I also want to rebuild it with Next.js so I can have unique server-rendered metadata for each page.
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