Alex Hollender — Product Design

Hey, I’m Alex. I’ve been a product designer for the past 10 years. Most recently I led the Wikipedia Desktop Redesign, and before that I worked on Wikipedia’s mobile editing tools. During my 5 years at Wikipedia I gained experience designing for a global audience (300+ languages, every device imaginable), designing for a large audience (~10 billion monthly pageviews), co-designing product (and socio-technical processes) with an active community of users, editors, & technical contributors, and designing around user-generated content. I love web development, and HTML/JS prototypes are an integral part of my design process.
I am currently doing foundational product research and design around a new tool for recipe and food creators, tentatively called Recipe.Site.

Prior to Wikipedia I was the first designer at AltSchool (an EdTech startup) where I helped create a Learning Management System that empowered teachers to make more personalized curriculums and focus on whole-child education. I’ve done product design and strategy consulting for several startups, such as Lyra Health and Amplify, and freelanced for product strategy agencies such as Machine and Runyon. Before I got into product design I was the creative director at Onia, a high-end clothing brand based in NYC. — linkedin

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